Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Yes the FLU just got you!

Talk about a really crap time health wise at the moment. This is seriously the first time in almost a week I have appeared to be a slightly functioning human being, I dragged my ass to the doctors yesterday and got the diagnosis of damn influenza! I even got the flu jab at the beginning of the season when recommended! Of course there are germs everywhere, I reckon because I live in the city too that its just a breeding ground for the nasty bugs. Good old country air, the beach and some good clean living is what I crave! sadly in these economic times these are just the places we visit not live!
So I can't winge too much a very close family member (grandad/father) is currently in hospital after suffering a heart attack 2 nights ago. Its such a horrid feelings finding out your nearest and dearest are unwell, Its even harder when you can't do a single thing except offer hope and support in the form of a phone call, wishful kind words. I won't go into too much detail as being such a public blog I totally respect my families privacy.
Needless to say I'm not my positive self, in fact I want to find a big hole and hide.
Won't happen though... its too cold, I don't like holes, and the kids would probably wonder what the heck their mother is up to hiding in a hole.
My Husband on the other hand would probably jump in too and say shhhhhh!!! don't let the kids find us in here its our only time we have had together by our selves in some time LOL!
Enough about my hole!

Life is hard right now, As I so very run down my doctor has advised to start weaning my 11 month old onto bottle/cup as my body is just so shattered, YIP through the mist of all of this stuff I am still breastfeeding!
INSANE101 right here
Its not the easiest task trying to convince the brown eyed baby boy that "milkyz" from a cup/bottle is nice, this mornings sleep was a tad challenging! but hes snoozing now so YAY

Online grocery shopping happened today, Its like my SAVIOR when illness kicks in - have 3 free deliveries Thank you very much #COUNTDOWN

32 years old tomorrow, am grateful for every day I get in this life, its nice to stop and collate how many you have lived for every once in a while. I may get ambitious and make myself a cake.

Time to take care of  myself again

Salz x

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