Friday, 8 August 2014

Feeling the Love

This blog was started because I wrote my story about living a life with a chronic illness which got published - I never expected it to get such a huge response.
People have opened up and shared some of their experiences to me via inbox of my facebook page.
I am going to share some of their stuff without their names to show the impact of baring it all can have on the human spirit.
I feel privileged.
I also feel empathy for each and everyone of them who had the courage to share parts of their experiences:

Hey Sal, great article on stuff. Really well written. Go you.

wow!!!teary eyes and shivers reading ur story!! had no idea things could be that bad for u u pull off" Im a great healthy women and everything is great" so well:) sooo proud u wroye that to share and WHENEVR U NEED ANYTHING!!!HELP WITH ANYTHING OR ANYONE

Hey Sally, I read the article on Stuff regarding CRPS and I see you are from Hamilton. I also have CRPS, have done for almost 5 years... I'm 28 and have a 5 year old son. I struggle finding people who can relate or understand - not even my husband gets it Anyway, just wondering if you would be keen on a catch up/coffee sometime - would be really neat to get to know someone else in my situation. Gentle hugs to you, and good on you for putting your story out there. Blessings

Congratulations sally for having your life with crps published. It was just like reading about my life and how it changed so dramatically where others have done something similar and a couple of months later they are back doing their thing again as they were before they get their accident. I think you know what I mean. Once again congratulations for putting yourself out there so others can learn that this syndrome is real and not us coping out as we are so often told that we are doing. You rock

Hi to the both of you!! I also suffer from crps. It started when I fell over some gumboots, down the stairs and sprained my ankle. 18 months later, still not able to drive or work. 2-3 hours sleep every night for last 18 months. Its exhausting.

 I believe everyone who reads it will open their minds hun, it is such a beautifully honest piece of yourself to share. Xxxxx

 That is an amazing story !!! Well done

 Well done! Says a lot about the strong capable person you are. Stay that way x

Proud of you for this!!

great read sally, good on you for sharing xxooxx

 Wow that was really awesome the way you told your story :0) well done

wow very moving. Thanks for sharing

Good on you are awesome.

Hi there Sally . My name is Dion Taka I too suffer CRPS. 
I was seriously wounded in Afghanistan two years ago . 
While in the Spinal Unit in Burwood hospital , I met one Dr Rick Ackland . He offered a Procedure to me . A spinal cord stimulator implant . This now covers around 80% of my pain . I suffered all the symptoms you do . After reading your story , I felt compelled to make contact

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