Saturday, 9 August 2014

I woke up and stepped in a big pile of sunday!

I live in a student flat.
5 guys and me.
The hairy one and one that wears nappies room in with me, most mornings I wake up with the one who wears nappies eating my hair and trying to stab my eyes.
The toilet is pretty gross, I have learned that a clean toilet seat only happens when I clean it. The kitchen... Well most days I'm up early to look after these flat mates of mine. The 14 year old plays guitar and hibernation seems to be his thing lately. The 11 and 6 year old have a room sharing thing going on. Funky wooden bunks and bucket fulls of Lego rule their space. And then there's me snow white and the 5 dwarfs. I did give birth to 4 of them and married the other one! But in all seriousness what a day! Sickness ruled my day, brain fog, pain everywhere and one very long sleep this afternoon. So Sunday was a not good day for wellness and sleep was my only reprieve from the pain. So back to my friend of sleep I go! I listen delta wave meditation music to get good sleep every new night.

Here's the link to the you tube clip I listen to every night. Give it try!

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