Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Might just slap a 'out of order' sticker on my head and call it a day

Boom and bust. Heard that term before? CRPS flares up and then you go bust and you crash until you fall. Ha! But the absolute paradox of this illness is the boom part, you get that one day where you wake up cause you OMG got sleep and actually feel like a functioning human being, you drink coffee and it gives you a hit! Your like right! Cause the rest of my week has been shit I am going to make up for it by doing EVERYTHING I couldn't do and before you know it the ceilings are getting cleaned with a tooth brush and your like CRPS? What CRPS? I am well and super mum and then you go BUST.

Show of hands please of who can relate to this description?!?!

Year we need to like learn how to pace ourselves.

Pace ourselves.... That means we take our good nights sleep and we go wow I feel good, then change one little thing first about your day, my advise leave out the coffee. You don't need it - you have natural energy resources on board today.

Then keep your calm on, be kind to yourself. Use that feeling of wellness to eat well, go for a walk, sit in the sunshine and get some vitamin D.

You are not obliged to make up for the past week you had, let it be and enjoy the feeling of wellness.

We totally must find how to switch off this emergency response we have going on in central nervous. If you drove your car at 220km per hour every day would you're fuel costs be high and would you wreck that engine pretty darn quickly?
Logic says yes.

So if like me you can see how booming and busting is not helping your CRPS,  try finding the middle ground and balance.

Salz x

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