Sunday, 10 August 2014

Functional human being just add coffee

If only it were that easy. I'm wearing the same comfy pants I slept in, the world has seen my make up less face, a headband hides my none tamed hair and I actually sat done in front of another grown up and had a short meeting looking like this before coffee had even entered my body! Childcare for the bubs a couple of times a week so I can get back on track with my treatments.
I had a brief phone call with my mum while ordering coffee this morning. I dropped off the teenager at highschool and threw five bucks to him to go with his lunch, the 2 more middle kids had to endure a detour home because Mr six year old forgot his gumboots, so we found them, one at the neighbours doorstep the other over the fence in some grass. After shooing them out of the car at their separate schools like a zoo keeper the baby looks at me with his big brown eyes and wiggles his fluffy feet to the music playing :) its 9am and somehow we are all alive :) fed, warm and I think I washed 6 pills down with flat coke zero ewww. But alive that's right alive we are that! Today....well baby fluffy feet is snoozing, the dryer beeped, the dishes in the sink need washing and all I want to do is go to bed - but I won't, and I can't because today CRPS flares don't win today, they are there dragging my energy and giving me pain but I keep going , keep on keeping on and pace myself.

This isn't mind over matter, this is pain and this is real.

Today is a day of pulling all my tools and strength together just to get the basics of life achieved.

That is chronic pain.

Salz x

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