Sunday, 10 August 2014

3.05am in the morning and my pain alarm clock has woken me up

The hardest thing about this CRPS is its lack of consistently or predictability. I like to look at stuff with the 80:20 rule. If 80% of the time life's going well then success! 20% room for marginal error I can live with, plan for the worst; hope for the best, that kinda stuff. Lately (well the past almost 6 years) 80% of the time I have been sick and 20% of the time a glint of wellness.

This is CRPS it hits you, it gets you when you are in the best mindset and your day is going great!

I have a few trigger points, sleep deprivation is a great one.
Stress feeds the pain.
Overwhelming response to simple stuff brings on a pain flare, fight or flight response.
Sugar and inflammatory response - CRPS flares love sugar. Sugar = Pain
Social situations and other peoples energy. Its the hypersensitivity reactions CRPS creates which makes you "feel" every bodies emotional stuff. Like ever walk into a room and "feel like you could cut the tension with a knife" its like that! You feel what everyone around you is going through - I gauge it.

And now my eyes are shutting on me - my goodness I'm boring myself with my writing! Lol

On that note sleep music time .

Salz x

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