Saturday, 9 August 2014

Finding someone just like you

No one ever wants to be the smelly kid at school, or be the last kid picked for a game, Complex regional pain syndrome can make you feel just like that!

It can make you feel alone in a room full of people, it makes you feel horrible most of the time, people eventually quit asking you to things or places cause you have that 'thing' with your hand and um oh well  not that many people turned up anyway....

I got kicked out of 'support groups' online ones. I'm too honest apparently.
Apparently my tone offended some people and they didn't like how I said stuff. I asked questions like what kind of treatment plans had people tried only to at times get competition of who is the sickest and who hurts the most!

So even in the sick club, I was the smelly kid, I was last to be picked and no one liked my positive quotes to brighten the day.

On Tuesday I am meeting up with a fellow survivor of this dreaded syndrome - like me she injured her hand and she inspires me already with her get on with it attitude!

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