Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Not well tonight

Well I wrote this post and in my hazey state didn't post it or hit save! Annoying! Well its a new day!  Yesterday I met a great new friend who like me is a crps battler! She's no victim like me and I instantly liked that about her :) its like life gave her a big bag of free lemons she never asked for and she worked out the best recipe to make all she could from this big bag! Inspiration! She found me from the stuff story I wrote, in fact I have quite a few great people who have connected with me from this. How awesome! This project of mine is going to take some time and this journey to achieve wellness is huge - little steps. Wellness plan under construction!!! Watch this space x


  1. Hi Sally. I'm sorry to hear about your battles. I have CRPS too, as the result of a stroke in 2010. It sucks! Winter is a bit of a struggle for me - I live in ChCh and no matter how warm the house is the pain knows that there is snow on the mountains. Still I get out and about, you have to I guess. Wishing you all the best, G.

    1. Thank you very much for reading my blog - please keep on keeping on! keep in touch and if there are any ideas or info I can help with please ask :) Take good care
      Salz x