Tuesday, 9 September 2014

I switched on the light and the dishwasher turned on

I repeat I am not crazy....well maybe slightly? but how dumb would it be if every time you turned on the light the dishwasher turned on! Complex regional pain syndrome is a little bit like that, my central nervous system is now all wired up wrong. Why? How? Who? WHAT the heck does dishwashers have to do with this!
Ok...so what would happen if I got my hand amputated? well firstly I would only have one hand, 2 hands are better, my left hand is only the original source of my injury, however my central nervous system like the wiring in your house runs EVERY where.
So back to what happens to the dishwasher. Well my brain now has its central part which interprets pain in a big jumble mess. Wind breeze cold is now determined to my body as deep cold burning bone breaking pain.

Some new interesting symptoms that have been appearing lately are neck based spasms.
Now my understanding of muscle spasms is your bodies natural ability to use these spasms as pain blockers?
The right leg is also very unhappy at the moment.
Fluid build up in the ankle joint, numbness, curling, burning and muscle cramps feeling like ripping.

I'm not scared of my pain. I'm completely understanding of it actually.

I never sit there in agony and go AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I'm in pain!!!!!! I'm actually BEYOND that.

There is a pain beyond pain. Its hard to describe. It shuts you down.
You go into blank mode and only one medication helps it calm down, its in a very small doseage and its side effects are sleep.
Problem is that at times I wake up screaming and sleep talking when I take it so I kinda have to pre warn the kids etc -

These episodes happen at least twice to 3 times a month. They are what really remove me from my life, and they can come on quite suddenly.

I fight this. Everyday I fight just to keep the pain at a level I can function.

Thank you for listening

Salz X

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